How It All Started

Several years ago a
 good friend of ours told us we really ought to try some burgers, made by a local butcher, with Bacon blended into them. We did, becoming instant fans of “Bacon-Infused burgers.”  However, we didn’t stop there.

We started researching, only to find that no one was making these burgers with premium, select grades of Beef and Bacon—or making them widely available.  It was then that we began our quest to craft the perfect Bacon-Enhanced burger—testing different ratios of the best cuts of meat, including Angus, Brisket, Tenderloin, and Wagyu Beef with Premium Smoked Bacon from Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  Thus are the origins of the one and only, original BacoBurger®.

It’s more than just our company’s commitment to creating the ultimate burger.  Since our inception, we’ve not only sought to create the finest hamburger we can, but also to spread this new, unique tasting experience to everyone else out there.  There’s no such thing as “just a burger” to us.  We see a Bacon-Infused Hamburger as the secret ingredient in our customers’ next backyard barbecue. We work closely with our extended family of quality purveyors to ensure the most delicious, succulent experience, each and every time our customers bite into a BacoBurger!